Pro Cicerone

Exhibition opening:
17 February 2017 – 18-21.00
Closes: 17 march 2017
Little Finger Gallery
Stora Nygatan 42
Malmö, Sweden

In 1977 NASA launched the first space probe with the primary mission to do flybys of the gas giants of Saturn and Jupiter. After operating for 36 years, In August 2012, Voyager 1 became the first man–made object to leave the Solar System and enter interstellar space. The probe’s extended mission is expected to continue until 2025, when its radioisotope thermoelectric generators will no longer supply enough electric power to operate any of its instruments.

Suppose that Voyager 1 will discover an exo—planet, or “earth 2.0”, a habitable zone before 2025. Suppose that the current generation of our civilization would make an attempt through a new probe to spread the human culture and social legacy for future generation or extraterrestrial life, to take part of.

What kind of information/message would it include? How would it be presented? What kind of language would we use to communicate with a generation that might not have the privilege of a past or traditions?


Participating artists:

Antje Nilsson
Astrid Linnéa Andersson
Bo Rutter
Corbin Mahieu
Christian August–Kid Cash David Neman
Elina Christiansen
Erik Length
Erik Kirtley
Erik Svetoft
Hvass & Hannibal
Jakob Warg
Jan Wouter Hespeel & Randoald Sabbe
Johan Stenbeck
Johanna Svantesson
Jonas Wohler
Max Solca
Martin Håkansson
Menno Tomballe
Oskar Olsson
Ossian Karlsson
Paul Mielke
Peter Larsson
Petter Dahlström Persson Rasmus Alkestrand
Sven Lindhorst–Emme Tilda Mårtensson
Tina Damgaard
Victor Sirot
Wang & Söderström