Jorans Livs

the things you find most annoying in the other persons work are also the things that you find most interesting in the final result.

Jorans Livs was created a year ago, an art collective that consists of: Tomas Nilsson, Olle Halvars, Joran Stamatakakos and Sebastian Eriksson. The main idea is that we rather hunt as a group than alone. Ideas and concepts evolve within the collective, we make all of our important decisions by a vote and all profits made in the group we pay thirty percent back into Jorans Livs. We organize exhibitions, screenings and a monthly drawing club (Teckningsklubb) that is open to the public. We are constantly looking for collaborations and new ways to create and to be creative in. We don’t need to seek the unknown - we have always been in the unknown. We try to prepare as little as possible for every project we start, to allow the piece to grow however we always need some kind of framework or anchor, even chaos needs some sort of structure.

In this project we wanted to explore our abilities to create in darkness. For seven strange minutes we fumbled around like four drunken dancers, desperately trying to depict something or just splashing about black paint over paper. Our schizophrenic personalities are exposed as traces in the finished originals. Some of them visibly clear, others integrated in something that has been covered in spilled paint or mistakenly painted over. The pitch black darkness creates a paralysis as eyesight is no longer a sense that can be trusted. When creating in the dark, we cannot control shapes or lines nor can we be influenced by each other. Furthermore we all have different energies and tempos that are revealed in the final result: a chaotic inferno in black and white.

Everyone has their own style, creating in their own way, but for every project we increasingly melt together. It’s like being one fourth of a body and together attempt to navigate in the same direction when one walks, pauses and focus then quickly goes in a new direction.

It is always important to have motion in what we create together, never stagnate!

We come from a background where you do things yourself, make things from scratch- an attitude you also can find in a livs (small grocery store). It is a time consuming way to solve  problems. At the same time we are completely uninterested in time-efficient processes with predetermined result. Since we have different views on how the completed result should look, we vote and decide, for this project, to do two screen prints, one born out of total chaos and the other built from structured chaos (much like the essence of Jorans Livs).

We like to work in multiple steps, this is why our sketches often mutates into a mural or a print.
A process to analyze (i.e save the piece from its original awfulness) and allow ourselves to take a whole new direction with it. Run. Stop. Focus. Don’t stagnate. Run.


Our work process is quite demanding, to compromise, vote and to see the whole picture before completion. There can be quite a bit of friction and irritation before we finally complete a piece. The ironic thing about working this way, is that the things you find most annoying in the other persons work are also the things that you find most interesting in the final result.

Thank you, Welcome back!
/ Jorans Livs