Getting ready to bomb

The scent of early morning - dew, wet asphalt and spray paint.

What follows is anecdotes of painting trains by Asoc, a swedish graffiti writer who passed away in 2010. Photos by 4608, a platform for documenting and publishing swedish graffiti. 

“Some friends from another town are visiting. Surely you want to get them some fun, something a little extra. We go around scouting the area and find a train station out of the ordinary, which might get us good exciting action. We sit and wait, looking if an old train is about to come. But no, so we go. We pull the emergency brake, hit the tracks. Begin fast. Someone is already hammering the window. But that’s what pulling the brake is all about. Work fast and run. We go to a spot where we could get some good photos of our creation. A few minutes of waiting and in rolls the result. 

Not too bad for being done so quickly. Photos and film done. Somewhat later, we go to have another look. But as many times before, it got blocked on the bridge. It doesn’t matter. A morning of fun with some good friends is good enough.”

Asoc 2010