Did you know that the average time people spend viewing a work at a museum is between 15 to 30 seconds? And a qualified guess would be that minimalistic art gets even less.

In this short amount of time it is a controlled and precisely executed realm that Inka Järvinen presents. There’s a natural minimalistic setting to the interaction between balance, line and pattern in her work that is, overall, strict and well ordered. At least at first sight – in that average slot of time art seems to get. Looking closer, and for longer, you realize that that these sceneries are just details and fragments, a small part of something larger. If this something is comprehensible I don’t know, but it’s fascinating how her creations start to shift: inside becomes outside and up becomes down. A doorway opens to something spatial through a gateway of illusion and depth. 

Text by Eleonora Fors Szuba