Never mind what is ahead. There is no way to get off the road to the future when you are driving a car which has no steering wheel. What was now then — is then now. When a choice is made at the intersection of Now & Present, it is already in the past. The prime time show in the rear view mirror is without pauses or a final end. Never give your mind a head, and never be ahead of you own mind—what is there but pure skepticism anyway? Skepticism and doubt which really plagues the role of the driver who has no eyes. May the road turn left, may the road turn right, it will never go anywhere without going away and leaving the past, only bringing selected bits and pieces.

It’s you who have to decide! Are you going to ride along or are you twisting and turning to the other driving lane? Are you the driver or the passenger of the vehicle of the mind? And maybe the most important question—where are you going?