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The early days of Little Finger was a tiny and damp basement with no bathroom. On top of our lair, was an apartment building constructed in the 40's to house the hard laboring people of Malmö. We've always been fans of hard working people. Maybe because of our own laziness.  The area had become charmingly shady and the mishmash of people, in all varieties, arriving at Södervärn bus station provided a feeling of living and creating in a cosmopolis of tristesse.

Little Finger was born as free magazine. As a medium for presenting interesting, thoughtful and beautiful things to the public. You could even call it a paper gallery. Being freely distributed around Malmö, and later all through Sweden and parts of Denmark, meant we could bring the mountain to Muhammad and provide a (hold on now) non-site specific space of cultural consumption. 

For a couple of years now, we have been experimenting with the rules of how you do a magazine. And all kinds of crazy stuff has happened along the way. To give you an idea; floating dream houses that got way too dangerous, scary Butoh-dancers with saxophones and bike lights, building giant wooden books, painting space rockets and bridges, killing artists and letting them build their own shrines. And of course, throwing a number of magazine release parties featuring ten marvelous issues with hundreds of artists, live musicians and performers.
It speaks for itself, but we feel we have to say it anyway - it couldn't be done without you. Literally.

How about the future then? By aiming towards the stars, you might land on the moon. Or you'll just stay happy floating through space.



  • open

    It’s open!

    We are hugely excited to announce that our new space is now up and running. 70 square meter underground of central Malmö city. And in the epicenter of the local worship site of the deity Mammon.  


Fresh in the shop


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    Did you know that the average time people spend viewing a work at a museum is between 15 to 30 seconds? And a qualified guess would be that minimalistic art gets even less. Text by Eleonora Fors Szuba In this short amount of time it

  • joranslivs_100

    Jorans Livs

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    The great suspense


  • synthloppis

    Synthloppis #1

    Payday = synthday! For one night, we fill up our gallery space with used and bruised musical electronics!

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  • pro-cicerone_web_lf_flyers

    Pro Cicerone

    Exhibition opening: 17 February 2017 – 18-21.00 Closes: 17 march 2017 Little Finger Gallery Stora Nygatan 42 Malmö, Sweden In 1977 NASA launched the first space probe with the primary mission to do flybys of the gas giants of Saturn and Jupiter. After operating for

  • skogens-väsen-cover

    Skogens Väsen

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